The Waiting Room

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When I went home last week, my mom and I went to a funeral of a friend of hers. She was 88. I don’t have a good track record at funerals. I have been know to cry so hard I have to leave (and twice this happened when I accompanied my mother to funerals of […]

Morning Brain

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It is early and I have Morning Brain (MB). (for those of you new to my blog Morning Brain is used to describe my state of mind in the a.m. – faster, more agile thinking goes on here before noon. I lose ground all day and by 3 p.m. my brain is a pile of […]

Okay, Now!

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Hello People, I am home and just got my equilibrium back. Going home (Ohio) to visit Mom had me tilting a bit. She’s got a comment about everything these days. She’s so funny. It’s like she’s trying to get it all in before she dies or something. Or she just figures heck I’m at that […]

Not Yet

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Have stuff to say . . but not yet. Lots to cover since I’ve been gone. Will holler later.