I Was Bored

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I was bored with my old site so I changed it. I know there is a lot of movement – but it more accurately reflects my state of mind. For my OC blog partners just read down the very middle of the page. Dated blogs and commentary go there! So this is it now I have officially switched over. Will blog more rationally on Monday. Just trying to get used to this.


  1. Yolanda~OCM
    April 24, 2010

    See what happens when Judge Lynn gets bored…..LOL

    But, it’s all good. (Oh, wow. I’m getting old. I don’t think people say “all good” anymore). Anywho, I think the new page is going to grow on me very well. You did a great job explaining the new webpage on the vblog. You doing it up on this tech stuff. I do recalls some months ago when you said that you didn’t think you could do it. Look at you now.

    Well, I took PRAXIS II today and I have already placed it in the back of my mind. Because there isn’t anything I can do about it now but wait 4 weeks for my scores and pray that I scored high enough that I don’t have to take it again.

    I am so tired. Just brought a new home, so I have been moving stuff in the new home as well as pulling all nighter to get school work done. UGH!!!!

    When you spoke about the young lady who committed suicide, it really hit close to home. There has been many times that I felt like I had let so many down including myself. I’m very hard on myself. I’m so thankful for you and Dutchess. My Mother’s Rules has been a great investment for me.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Yolanda~OCM
    April 24, 2010

    I forgot to mention that I love your bracelet!!! Could you ship it to me. LOL.

  3. Ravis
    April 25, 2010

    Good evening Judge Lynn,

    I guess this is the April surprise. It’s no surprise to me because when you set your mind to do something, that’s it! Did our opinions really matter???

    Every page has at least two or three columns filled with something except your video gallery and blog of the month pages. These two pages give a sigh of relief. I must say, they are nice. Of course, I do like the “In the Media” page. 🙂

    Since you like things to be busy and reflect your state of mind, how about adding a tab for your photo gallery page and put ALL of your photos on there and do a slide show of them. By the way, I did see the photo gallery on the left side of the home page but so few of your photos. 🙁

    Another thing, on your “Book” page, how about adjusting it to where the fans can flip the pages and read about 10 most noted pages in your books. You may need Chuck Buddy for this, maybe…..

    I’m still trying to figure out, how we’re suppose to have fun with this new site and how it satisfies your boredom. Weird.

    I know it’s your page…. That’s your judgement. “It Is So Ordered!” 🙂 🙂

    Mississippi was hit hard today by a tornado, many people are devastated and some with injuries. Pray for our people. My family and/or family members were not affected but so many are less fortunate tonight.

  4. Ravis
    April 25, 2010

    My previous post is 5 hours ahead of my time. It’s 11:38pm in Mississippi. Check it out.

  5. judgelynn
    April 25, 2010

    Nope, that’s not the April Surprise. . . I’m still working on it.

  6. judgelynn
    April 25, 2010

    And Rvis, I did check it out. My prayers are with you…..

  7. Sheila
    April 25, 2010

    I likes it Judge Lynn

  8. Asani
    April 25, 2010

    Hi Judge Toler!

    Love the new and improved site! Easy to navigate and a lot more functional. Great job! I look forward to visiting more often!

  9. OhioRuthie
    April 25, 2010

    Still wonder why our comments from the other site don’t carry over to this blog when its the same thing.

    I book marked old and new…old still goes to old for me…new is better than it was previously…finding current blog easily is a good thing.

  10. Tee
    April 25, 2010

    I like the new site, not that I had a problem with the old one.


  11. Ravis
    April 25, 2010

    Judge Lynn ,

    When I said, check it out, I was talking about the time posted on my blog. Thanks for all prayers.

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