How to Stay in Love 101 – Feed the Right Dog

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  Falling in love is the easiest thing in the world. Your hormones jump in and do what they’ve done for thousands of years. There is no real effort involved; mostly, you just enjoy the ride. The work begins after that first wave  passes you by. When passion has been put on pause and everyday distracts […]

Enjoy the Book, Ladies

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    I answer a lot of relationship questions in different places. One is on my Facebook Page “My Mother’s Rules.” I also answer questions on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Eastern live on Divorce Court’s Facebook Page. Sometimes I find that I get the same kind of question over and over again. The details are […]

Love in a House Divided

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I just spent a heart wrenching, spirit deflating several hours on YouTube watching videos in which black women defame black men and black men demonize black women. Of course, I knew of the great – and I claim quite damaging – divide between black men and women. I hear about it a fair amount because […]

For Chas S. Happier Love Tweets

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    This is for Chas S. She wants me to tweet about relationships more … ones that are happy. And I thought about it for a while. Then I reviewed my tweets and thought my goodness, she’s right. I do sound like a bit of a scrooge LOL! So … I tried to find […]


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Today is a singularity. There will be other days. For most, but not all of us, there will be a tomorrow. But Today, this particular twenty-four hours is a one-time thing. Once it’s gone you cannot get it back. Of course, this idea is neither novel nor hard to grasp. Today and its singular nature […]