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Hello all. Telisha asked what I thought of Baltimore and I answered her in the comments. But I thought I would speak to it again … I hope things get better in Baltimore soon. I hope Freddie Gray’s death doesn’t simply become a reason for violence as opposed to another lesson on legitimate concerns in the black […]

Renewed Vigor

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Good morning all! It’s funny. I feel like I am home again. Thank you to my OCMs for giving me a new sense of excitement about this thing. First, let me explain the OCM thing for those of you  who are new here. I blogged almost everyday for 2 years(?) and a few of my […]

Hey, how are You?

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Hello everyone!  So many of you have registered here to comment and I want to welcome you all. I am also going to confess to continued technical difficulties answering questions. If you’ve asked and it’s still in moderation don’t lose hope, I’m still trying to catch up. sometimes I leave them there as a signal […]

A Good Night

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    This is me an my, I got you, don’t worry about it, girl, you know what I mean, running buddy, Desi! We were at the Creative Emmy’s last night. Third nomination …. still no hardware.  But it was a good night. I got to see my glam squad, Val and Rick aka Genius and Genius […]

She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

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Hello all, I was doing a video for Divorce Court about recognizing your own faults and weaknesses so you can work on  them before they work on you. As I always say: Name it and Claim it so you can Tame it. In the second half of the video I was going to give everyone an example […]