Should Be Good

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I believe my AskJudgeLynn Page is working. Just go to the page scroll down to the bottom and start a new topic if you have a question.

Technical Issues

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Hello all, I have had some reports of technical issues on my AskJudgeLynn Message Board. I have someone working on it … Not me, of course, since I actually want to fix it!

Gotta Love A Dog

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Hello everybody. This is a candid shot of me and Boogie, The Dog.   Six* and I went out and got him on a lark one day. Well, it wasn’t really a lark, I had been mulling it over for a while. In fact I had already made a few recognizance missions, on the down low, […]


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Hello all. Telisha asked what I thought of Baltimore and I answered her in the comments. But I thought I would speak to it again … I hope things get better in Baltimore soon. I hope Freddie Gray’s death doesn’t simply become a reason for violence as opposed to another lesson on legitimate concerns in the black […]

Renewed Vigor

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Good morning all! It’s funny. I feel like I am home again. Thank you to my OCMs for giving me a new sense of excitement about this thing. First, let me explain the OCM thing for those of you  who are new here. I blogged almost everyday for 2 years(?) and a few of my […]