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Couldn’t sleep last night.  Hate that.  I sepnd all day trying to energize myself.  And of course I use all the wrong stuff: coffee and Krispy Kreme.  But I tell you I really did try the full breakfast in the morning thing before I taped and I was half asleep before the second show. 

Short PIP report: I have been centering myself every morning.  Not three minutes but about 45 seconds.  I talk fast …walk fast… pray fast.  But I am working on extending my  moment of peace in the morning.  Like I always say: It’s a process.

Other than the rumpy bumpy plane ride I have managed to stay relatively worry free.  (only had to do one set of push ups since I’ve made the rule).

Anyway, V and I are still working on our get out of the house efforts.  Her daughter (a very bright and mature child) has, however, vetoed an idea or two as “fuddy duddy”  We respect her opinion!

You guys take it light.

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