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I saw two videos the other day.

The first video was of a party for what looked like a five or six year olds. They were having a Wu Tang dance contest. (Yolanda hipped me to it).  For the fellow uninitiated  (I had never heard of Wu Tang before though I was familiar with the dance)  it’s a booty bopping grinding kind of doggy style humping thing.  You see it a lot on music rap videos.

First, let me say this – there is nothing inherently  wrong with sexy dancing.  Some Latin ball room is quite sensual and to tell you the truth, back in the day I used to do the freak and “lock it up” in college.  How many of you old schoolers out there know what I’m talking about?

I said all that simply to point out I am not a prude – by any stretch of the imagination –  but to see these little kids bumping and grinding – little girls laying on the ground humping with little boys grinding on their rear ends – was just disturbing.  The worst part was it was a contest organized and judged by adults who were encouraging the little ones to be as nasty as they could.

I was nonplussed.  I saw that last night and was like “what is this world coming to?”  Isn’t it bad enough that the Gulf coast is threatened with oil, people keep trying to blow up New York and the stock marked did a 225 point swan dive?

Now we have Wu Tanging kiddies egged on by their parents.  These people are going to grow up and run a world that is already not running very well. Holy cow!

Then I came across another video:
It was about a guy who has 3 months to live and sold ad space on his urn so he could help his wife pay off their bills. PETA bought one that said “I’ve kicked the bucket – why don’t you – Don’t buy KFC.”  Now that’s just funny, whether you are a PETA fan or not.  I read his blog.  He joked all of the way through it.
V. and I  FINALLY got together and had a three hour lunch today.

I am not sure what all of these things have to do with one another but in my head they are all one thing.

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