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is coming and I always feel unprepared.  I hate it when the kids just ‘hang out”  I always try to have something planned. So the other day I talked to 14 about signing up for a few things.

He asked me not to because – are you ready? – “He needed to chill.”

I told him that according to his report card he has been chilling for a few months now.
He was not amused.

I hope this blog finds all of you well.  Ravis my thoughts are with you.  Let us know how you are doing when you are up to it.

I have been doing so well on my new PIP that I am at a loss for blog content.  It appears that I usually have something to say, not because I have a  whole lot going on in my life, but because I have so much emotional prattle going on in my head.
E once pointed at me during some emotional moment and said “You have got a lot of yim-yam going on up there, don’t you?”  How true.
But now that I have worked so hard on being “centered” I have been (if not yim yam free) at least low on it. Had a lot of little things and one huge one happen to me lately and I stayed relatively sane.
So here I am without much of interest to say.  I mean how many times can you tell the same people ‘I went to the grocery store 5 times this week and still have nothing to eat’? (which, by the way, happens to be the case.)

Uh oh.  Even as I write this I feel the presence of new yim yam.  Am I asking for trouble by saying I have none?  Should I find some wood to knock on?  There you go.  That’s the judge we all know!!!!!!

Anyway, I have new tennis shoes and I have decided to blame my recently lackluster game on them.  I HATE going backwards.

My May surprise is now looking like a June surprise. For a woman with not a whole lot to do I certainly have managed to get a whole lot of nothing done with respect to the one thing I wanted to do.

I don’t know if I am well centered these days or simply comatose.

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