Still Running Around

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I am still running around.

Trying to stay in touch . . .

This time around I will be home less then 24 hours before I travel again.  Trying to stay centered.  Working the PIP.  But these days the PIP seems working me more than I am working it. I owe myself at least fifty more push ups.

Yolanda – President’s List – I mean really – great news!!!!!!!!!

It is funny. I read a review of MMR on Amazon and my fears finally came true about people misunderstanding the decisions my mother made.  He said that it was selfish of her to live with a guy who was mentally ill because of finances.  That is soooooo not what happened. I worked so hard to make my point clear but as Mom always says everybody isn’t going to understand you no matter how hard you try.
There was a time that review would have upset me but now it just sits there in the “this is humanity, shrug your shoulders” pile.  Besides everybody has a right to their opinion.
Well, that is all I have for now.  You guys take it easy.  I am trying to . . .

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