All the Way Left of Center

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First of all I want to say congratulations to my blog scholars and a very hearty happy you are back to Ravis.  So glad the surgery went well. Always have to talk about the important stuff first.

Now to my own personal nonsense and I do mean nonsense because it makes no sense to me:

You know how I am working my new PIP?  Staying centered and all of that.  Listen, I swung so far left of center the other day I went passed all oncoming traffic and ran into the ditch on the other side of the road.
I’m not sure what happened.  I think part of it is all that traveling I have been doing lately.  Cool on the out side, straight hysterical on the inside.

17, who usually gives me no trouble at all, has got a critical case of senioritis so we have been having “conversations” with the attendance office.  To be fair though, they made a few mistakes themselves.  So I think we have that resolved.  But you know me, I won’t be sure it all went right until I see that boy with that stupid card board hat on his head and a piece of paper in his hand.

Haven’t been home much and I won’t be for a while.  I miss my men when I am not home. Ain’t that always the way?  They mess with my head when I am here and it messes with my system when I am away for too long.

Other things are sliding around on me but I can’t tell because it involves others about whom I have no permission to speak.  I can imagine you can guess who one of them is. The others – well – I am getting it from all sides.  I tend to be very trusting and it seems that some of it may have been misplaced. It is hard to play the game when you do not know who is on your team

So Centered Lynn has become All Over the Road Lynn.  At least this time it is a private demolition derby. I am doing better with the ‘hey look at me I am all scattered’ presentation to the world.  Even though I might not be cool.  I look it.  So I guess that’s progress.

I am however, true to my word. I pounded 75 push ups yesterday.  But before I did that in a fit of irritation I took my mother’s kitchen scissors (you know the kind you open packages with) and chopped off my hair.  I was so done with things being uncooperative and that was one thing I could take charge of.

Haven’t been able to play tennis in a week and won’t be for a while.  Smacking the fuzz off of a couple of balls would be just the perfect thing about now.

Be that as it may, I intend to keep my cool and work my emotions like a job. But every once in a while I like to rant.  And now I have.  Feel better already.

Peace . . . in desperate search of . . .

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