I Do Believe

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we have seen the worst of the stomach flu this go round.

It was an unseemly affair.  God bless my husband though, even though he was sick and slept all day he had no other side effects.  Queazy was as far as he went.  Gotta love a guy with that kind of constitution!

I played tennis the other day and did better than I had  a couple weeks ago.  Couldn’t hit the ball for anything before I left  but when I came back I actually did a little something.  Wasn’t killing it or anything but it wasn’t straight up embarrassing.

I am on transitional mode these days.  I have to go from the taping traveling thing to the mother/writer thing.  I have some stuff due that I have been putting off and now that I am on hiatus I have no more excuses.  Still working on the April, May, June surprise, too, as someone aptly put it.

The trouble with transition mode is sometimes I sit down.  You know, “oh let me take it easy for a minute before I  . . .”  Never a good look for me.  But I can see lazy lurking in the shadows.  I am going to make calls and try to keep that B#%$@ at bay.

Remember the Billy Preston song “Will it Go Round in Circles?”  That is how I feel today. “I got a song, ain’t got no melody, I’m gonna sing it to my friends.”  Adrift yet lightly amused.

Yolanda, so sorry about the Praxis.  But we’ve been here before and you have prevailed.  I believe.

By the way, I am going to start on a new Rule of the Month.  Any requests?

You guys have a good day.

Confused yet Amused

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