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I had fun at Vivian’s party.  I also schooled some of the fellows at Texas Hold’em  I couldn’t figure out the stuff about the small and large blinds but I had been watching it on TV.  These are the prizes I won when I handed in all of my chip winnings!

By the way that’s Vivian with me.

The food was great.  There was a 12 year old that made the best chocolate cupcakes from scratch.  I tried not to eat one because I know how I am.  Chocolate is like booze to an alcoholic. I pleaded with them.  They showed me no mercy.  They  kept waving it in front of my face.  So I did.  It was so good I brought one home.  Boomy at it before I got up SO you know what I did?

Went out the next morning and bough myself an ENTIRE chocolate cake.

Still waiting for mom to come./ I don’t even think I am going to clean.  I have a big ‘I don’t care’ thing going on, today. It might be my sinuses or it might be that I am in a sugar stupor.  Anyway Mom’s going to find something to pick at anyway.  So I am going to give myself a break and let her have a field day.

This is me winning and grinning:

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