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As you can see I was in an odd place yesterday.  I have stepped out of the shadows this morning.  I am not yet in the sunshine.  Things are still a bit overcast but I can push on from here of my own accord.

You know, I always find this blog thing  interesting.  Sometimes I hesitate to write just what I feel and go over it and over it to eliminate or at least keep  misinterpretation or overexposure to a minimum.  Then sometimes, like yesterday I am where I am and don’t care.

I always feel weird about it the next day though.  I have no fear of my lesser self.  But both E and Duchess say I am begging for trouble by letting everyone see so much.  (and the fact that the two of them agree on something is HUGE).

I had no direction or conclusion to the above.  Just putting it out there.  I am a little edgy.

Duchess’ flight got cancelled so she is a day late.  To tell you the truth I was relieved.  When I am in a state and I don’t want people to know and I can fool everybody except her.  (of course, I wasn’t trying to fool you guys cause I just threw it out there) But I don’t like my family to feel it.  Especially her.  I hate it when she knows I am not doing well.  My job is to bring her joy.  That’s it and that’s all.

I put a video on Facebook the other day and confused everybody. Here’s a picture of me that has nothing to do with the post.  I just put it in there because I look happy.  Faking it until I feel it.


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