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Hello People,

I do believe I am going to go on a little Blog-cation (a vacation from blogging) for about a week.

Before I do however, I will leave you with this:

Yesterday, I went to the postal packaging place and then to – yes, you guessed it – the grocery store.  As I was checking out I reached in my purse to get my sunglasses before I went outside (always bright and sunny here).  They are prescription sunglasses so they were important. Can’t drive without them. Couldn’t find them.

Looked through the cart.  Nothing.

Went back to the Deli. Nothing.

Went to the car. Looked through it.  Nothing.

Went back to the postal place.  I said to the lady there “Have you seen any sunglasses laying around here ?”

She says, “No, but I do see a pair on top of your head.”

True story.


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