All Day Angry

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These are some thoughts on anger that a recent conversation led me to pass along.

ANGER is easy.  A very simple emotion.  Witness the fact that every two year old uses it on a regular basis.

ANGER is deceptive – it makes you feel powerful because you are usually raining fire and brimstone on someone else.  You are probably upsetting them.  You might even make them cry.  That makes you feel in charge.

ANGER is cathartic – it allows you to relieve stress and feel immediately purged of the angst and anxiety you are feeling.  Yet again, Anger, The Great Pretender has tricked you into believing you are in control.

Anger is like a city broken into and left without walls. That’s from the Bible.  It demonstrates how truly vulnerable it makes you.

I am not saying that we never have a right to get angry.  What I am saying is we need to use our anger and not let our anger use us.

Some anger has value.  Sometimes it empowers you.  When someone is being attacked and you get angry and defend, it gives you adrenaline and power to be more effective. Anger – properly channeled – sometimes allows you to face down remarkable odds. If you are getting beat up by a big bully and you have to fight back being angry might help you overcome a difference in size and ability.  If you are angry enough to lose your senses and walk into a hail of bullets, however,  that usually doesn’t work out so well.

Sometimes appearing angry has value.  There are a lot of people who mistake kindness for weakness and don’t have enough on the ball to recognize ability or intelligence. All they understand is forcefulness.  Then TO APPEAR angry will back them up and make them re-think how they deal with you.

The thing is if you truly get angry and act in accordance therewith without taking a beat or thinking it through, you don’t think as well.  You are not as articulate, often you loose persuasive power because people read “Lunatic” and people stop listening.  (That’s happened to me more than once by the way : -)

I’m not saying we shouldn’t get angry but we should consider how angry we get, when we do it, how we express it and what, in the end, we are really trying to accomplish.  Are we simply looking hurt somebody or are we getting to someone to respond to you differently or see your point of view.

Besides if you are one of those people sporting AN ALL DAY ANGRY after a while it might get awfully lonely.

Yet again just a ten cent opinion.

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