Ask Judge Lynn: “I Don’t Want To Talk To My Mother-In-Law To Be”

Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Ask Judge Lynn | 12 Comments


Hi Judge,

I have been with my fiance for over 3 years and we’re planning on getting married but his mother does not like me because he moved in with me. He suggested that we have a meeting with her but I’m not comfortable around his family and I would like your advice.




You fiancé is right. If you marry this guy you are going to be a part of his family. You have to attempt to create a workable relationship with them.

Marriage is grown folks’ business. That means you have to be adult enough to sit down and work out your differences with other people. Even if it doesn’t work you have to be adult enough to try. What else can you do, spend your entire marriage ducking and dodging some of the most important people in your husband’s life? Talk about putting stress on a marriage. Time to woman up! Sit down and talk it out. And go with a positive attitude. Do it for the man you say you love so much you want to spend the rest f your life with him.