I Have A Joke for You

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Yet again, I find myself without a topic.  I think I have run out of words for the time being. I have been told, by Big E, that I have been sharing a whole lot of opinions  with great regularity and passion, of late.  Seems I have fallen into the habit of ongoing life editorial […]

My Faith Has Been Restored

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I have a real thing, a huge Pet Peeve. I find Political Correctness distasteful and I am saddened by the extent to which we have become so insistent, unkind and demanding as people. You have seen all of the technnasty right?  People on Facebook or whatever finding pleasure it making rude comments or jabbing at […]

The Report

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Nothing much of interest to report.  I have been busy doing mundane things.  I did, however, get my iPad.  I have been monkeying with that thing for a while.  Still can’t get my MobileMe feature together. I might have to go into the store at get somebody to explain it to me. It has been […]

The Weekend

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E and I actually went out alone, together this weekend. We don’t do that often. I gotta tell you that Al and Tipper Gore business scared me. I had to be prompted though. Vivian to the rescue again. She told me Tommy Davidson was going to be in town and E and I both like […]


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is working me like a job. For a young man who doesn’t like to concentrate in school he sure spends a lot of time worming his way around the rules at home.  He’s good at it too. So you know what I’m going to do.  I am going to follow one of my own edicts […]