And I Wore It Out

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You know your girl was unhappy about her tennis right?  Well there’s nothing like a little failure to spur me forward.  Went out there like a champ today.  I didn’t even get tired.  ROLLIN!!!!!!!!! Can you believe Al Gore is getting divorced?  I am not going to belabor it but I think it gives us […]

First Full Day

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First full day of summer routine – baseball –  weight training – jujitsu – guitar – reading and summer math.  Trying to get the schedule together.  Trying to get the boys’ heads around the fact that they will not simply be chillin’ this summer.  I hate that. My surprise has gone into full stall.   […]

Yours – The – My

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That’s how it works, people and it only takes Duchess a week.  When she first gets here she talks about the house as follows: “Your house is a mess.”  or  “Your house looks good”  whichever the case may be.  And as we all know the former is much more likely than the latter. Anyway 3 […]


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It’s all about family this week for me.  Her Royal Highness is still here and she has solved at least three long running problems I’ve had.  Gotta love that! Vivian came over last evening and met her.  Now Duchess knows she’s real!!! Have a whole crew of young men upstairs with Boomy.  They blew through […]

I'm tired

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. . . talk to you Monday. Peace.