Murder Death and Suicide

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Sometimes you forget how odd you really were. When I went home the other week I liberated a few keepsakes from my mother.  One was a poetry (and I use that term loosely) assignment that I had to do when I was 10.  20 poems.  In each one either someone died mysteriously, was murdered or […]

I Do Believe

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we have seen the worst of the stomach flu this go round. It was an unseemly affair.  God bless my husband though, even though he was sick and slept all day he had no other side effects.  Queazy was as far as he went.  Gotta love a guy with that kind of constitution! I played […]

In the Weeds

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Dealing with a bout of the tummy flu here.  First 17, then me, now 14. E said he felt queazy but then said it went away.  The man is a tank. I on the other hand was sprawled on the floor. Long night last night with 14 so short blog today. @Ruthie ——   Idaho […]

The Kay Factor

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I received a question the other day from a woman who said that she had been married 28 years and that her friends seem jealous of that.  You know little comments and things.  She asked me if they were “true friends.” I am aware that the standard and appropriate PC response to a question like […]

Wrapping it Up

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We tape seasons far in advance so we are wrapping the season that will start to air next September today. It will be fun.  I have a picture of what my hair guy (Rick) did to my impromptu haircut.  He is a genius.  I will share as soon as I get it together.  Hope you […]