Duchess is a Wheel Greaser

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She is also an Australian Sheep Dog. I know because she told me.  As you know, she is at my house this week getting me in order – and I do mean getting me in order.  Not just physically – we cleaned out my pantry and my clothes closet –  but emotionally as well. E […]

The Royal Visit

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I made the whole family come to the airport with me to get Duchess.  She thought that was cool.  I drove with E riding shotgun.  Driving to the airport makes me nervous but I am into conquering things so we did that.  He was very supportive. Mom gave me ‘what for’ about the state of […]


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Duchess (for all of the uninitiated that is what everyone in the family calls my mother) and I were on the phone last night talking about what makes people do the things they do. She was talking about people she knew and so was I. Nothing deep or meaningful but just about the stuff people […]

Random Stuff

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I called my mother the other day and she had me laughing. She started going on about “all this technology”. She got some letter about paying a bill on line. Some other letter that said if you have any questions about some change in a utility policy check the web site. She was also having […]

The Waiting Room

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When I went home last week, my mom and I went to a funeral of a friend of hers. She was 88. I don’t have a good track record at funerals. I have been know to cry so hard I have to leave (and twice this happened when I accompanied my mother to funerals of […]