I'm Not Sure What Happened

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Every morning my husband gets a weather report and it has nothing to do with 110 degrees hot and sunny (which is the looped recording we get here in Phoenix). He gets it from me. I can be a little moody. I contend everyone is a great deal more moody than they acknowledge. Usually when […]

Other People's Stuff

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I get a lot of requests for advice. And, as I always say, I never answer specific questions but if someone raises an issue I think is of general interest I blog on it. Actually, I have had a few questions about this general topic so here is my ten cents worth on Other People’s […]


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49 – My age 101 -The temperature at 8 pm -last night where I played tennis for 1 hour There is a thin line between dedication and foolhardiness and I flirting with it. Been getting a few interesting questions of late which I do plan to answer. Was going to do it this morning but […]

Cooler Heads

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First, I want to say that the mall thing went as well as could be expected. I put them in the right department and then I went to look at purses. Little static when I got back. “I want this” “They don’t have that” My response was soul calming. “Find it here or find it […]

What My Day is Looking Like

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So here’s how I’m rolling today. I have a sticky contract situation that I am going to have to deal with. NO PROBLEM. I have to work on show treatments. NO PROBLEM. I have to take care of a legal matter. NO PROBLEM. I have to take the boys ‘back to school’ clothes shopping to […]