I support The Whole Brother Mission because it seeks to address a concern that I believe is often overlooked.

Oppression does more than simply create an environment in which it is difficult to succeed.  It also scars, both emotionally and psychologically.  To progress, to overcome, we have to address not only the conditions and structure of such a society but also the wounds it has inflicted on the body of the people oppressed.

The Whole Brother Mission seeks to do just that.  Maliek Blade, it’s founder, believes, as do I, that addressing the familial, emotional and physiological issues of the Black Family is essential to progress.  The Whole Brother Mission creates and celebrates avenues by which we can address the damage done to the psyche of a people.

There are a multitude of reason the black family struggles so.  Mass migrations from a Jim Crow South to limited areas in which those people could settle you create a witches brew of density seasoned with ample portions of lack of opportunity and that community folds in on itself. 

That said, we can’t just point to the reasons why things turned out as they did and leave it there.  If we do not address the pathology that ails us we will die of it, no matter from whence it came.

To be successful we have to have whole families.  To have whole families we have to have whole men.  This movement is about that very thing.  Wholebrothermission.com