Runnin' and Workin'09

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Lots going on today with my new project. Hope to get the green light to tell you about it soon. May have to fly to LA tomorrow to handle some business unexpectedly. Tell you what, that got a cool reception at Casa Toler. Don’t know what else to do. It is so funny, if I were a guy I wouldn’t feel guilty at all.

Got to work.
Got to make money.
Got to go.

Still feel like crap.

But anyway, to my crew member working the rules in my book. 1. I’m glad it’s helping. 2. The wrong feeling doesn’t go away right away. The overriding rule in the book is work your emotions like a job. That’s a long term thing. But the thing is the longer you work it the easier it gets. Just like anything else. Good for you!

Ya’ll take it light and easy. I can’t for a while so you will have to hold down the cool and calm front for me.
If you’re a praying person send one up for me. Trying to step up and out!!

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