Memorial Night

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lynnchakaCan you imagine having Chaka Khan singing some lyrics you wrote? Now let’s not get it twisted. She wrote most of the song – but I had sent her my attempt at lyrics and she used the hook Do I I Do with You and (as she pointed out to me last night another) another phrase I had used and had forgotten about.

I have been a fan of her since her Rufus Days. She was so gracious and fun. And she blew the roof off of the sucker. She’s a late night girl. Session ended at 1:00 am (and you know me I’m a go to bed at 9:30 get up at 5:00 am type of girl) but for this . . .

It’s also interesting how we hooked this up. Byrd (You know Judge Judy’s bailiff) He knew us both and called and told me she was a fan of Divorce Court so he hooked us up and we’d talked on occasion. Then when she heard about the new show I was doing she said she’d hook up the theme song.

Anyway that was my big secret. I don’t think any singer of her rep has sung the theme song of a DAY TIME TALK SHOW. But I could be wrong. Either way, I hope this was worth the wait. I’m still on cloud 9. I will post some pictures of her and me at the session later on today.

Peace. You’re talking to one happy sister.

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