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murphI went to a gathering put together by Murph Community AME Church. It was a group discussing domestic violence, providing info and support.

I was the keynote speaker. Spent some time writing my speech. Though I saw several hundred domestic violence cases every year when I was a judge in Cleveland, was on the board of a domestic violence center and even eventually won The Humanitarian of the Year Award from them (which is the one award I received I am the most proud of along with ringing the Liberty Bell) I still like to do research, catch up on the newest inof. etc. before I spend people hard earned Saturday afternoon rest period on me.

Worked on the speech for a week. Got there and didn’t even give it. Three women came up and talked about their experiences as survivors. One sang, one spoke one just nodded. But they were all so powerful my speech suddenly seemed antiseptic.

So I didn’t use it and spoke from my heart.

Great group. Great afternoon. Sometimes the things you do for free pay you the most.

Anyway, I will be hopping today. Trying to button up the house and get to LA to work on WEDLOCK OR DEADLOCK.

My next surprise is looking closer and closer to coming to fruition. You have no idea how hard it is for a chatty keep no secrets babe like me to keep a secret that I think is this cool. If I can pull it off it will be (I believe – not absolutely sure) will be a TV first.

Anyway, wish your girl strength and luck.

Flying. . . Trying . . .

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