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ccvrIn my case the answer is everything! Love being on the back side of a show. Everyday there is something new. Did a photo shoot for the new book I have coming out in September PUT IT IN WRITING. Now back to Wedlock or Deadlock.

Thanks for all of the congrats and kudos. Just so you know AS PROMISED you guys were the first to find out about the Chaka thing since I posted in real time.

Hope you guys are all doing well. I am going to be on Ruthie’s show “You Be the Judge ” in July. I’ll give you the date when I talk to my assistant. She is in charge of all things Lynn. Some days I do not know what I’m doing until I get a call from her.

You all take it nice and easy but as you know I NEVER EVER DO NOTHIN NICE AND EASY I DO IT NICE AND ROUGH! Just kidding. I was watching the Tina Turner story when I was correcting scripts last night in my hotel room. I love that movie – that story – Tina Turner and Angela Basset.

Well back to work.


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