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You can learn from just about anyone or anything. Experience, though an outstanding teacher, can also be an expensive one. If you have to learn all of your mistakes through trial and error it could get pricey.

But if you can eavesdrop on the lessons experience is teaching others, you get it’s wisdom without the cost of tuition which is often times quite high.

When we talk of celebrity tragedy we see the great loss and mourn that. People who have added to history and culture and have high profiles are most certainly missed when they pass. But the thing that we need to remember is that The Rule of Inclusion never gets repealed.

The Rule of Inclusion is this. Though we may treat the famous as special the laws of physics medicine and nature do not. But sometimes it feels that way especially to those who have a life in which everyone around them says “Yes”

I heard Deepok Chopra the other night on TV talking about Michael Jackson’s alleged dependence on drugs. He said when he would press him on the issue MJ would stop returning calls.

When Princess Diana died amidst all the conspiracy theories I heard only twice that the one person with his seat belt on in the car made it. I don’t know what happened as far as conspiracies. I do know that there was booze and speed and no seat belts. I am not blaming at all. Her death was a tremendous loss. But I tell you what, what I did tell one young lady I was mentoring at the time was. ‘Nobody is immune to the basic rules of life. Obey them even when the world says you’re special.’

Back to MJ. Though the rest of us don’t have an entourage or staff and the money to seclude ourselves and hire a full time personal doctor, we all have the ability to turn a deaf ear to those who tell us things we do not want to hear. It never hurts to listen and to do so with an open mind. Of course, you can’t take everything to heart. You have to understand that person’s perspective. Some people tell you stuff just to hurt you. But I see all commentary – no matter the source or the intent – as instructional even from people who don’t like me.

My mother taught me this one. Look for the small grain of truth that may lie in any insult. If it’s there be aware of and, if possible, conquer it. That way people who sought to hurt you end up helping you.

Here’s an example. I was riding down a residential street once when I was young and some guy beeped and yelled at me because he felt I was driving to fast. I called him a name – not to him but to mom – “who does that a**hole thinks he is,” I said, “the police?”

Mom said. “You need to turn around and thank that man. He just did you a favor. You were driving to fast.”

Silly story but good point. I was just thinking about it so I thought I would say it.

All is well at Casa Toler. The Room is about to go down for the count. I am a tough customer once angered.

Check out my blog on judgelynn.com Sooner or later I am going to figure out the picture thing and once I do you’ll get the story and a visual.

Okay people, I am going to try this thing again. At one of my many trips to the airport I meant some one interesting.

Apparently it was. I posted it and all I got was gibberish.

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