Good Morning

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Gotta go to tape tomorrow. Already sweating the aluminum tube. It’s been a bad aviation year. 17 is coming with me though. He olds my hand on takeoff.

Thanks for asking about my tennis game 09. Played this morning but it was a huge class so mostly I just stood in line in the sun. Whacked at a few balls but not enough to get a sense of anything. Threw in a couple of good shots though. Private lesson tomorrow though before I leave. Lovin’ that! Can’t wait.

So I know you know it’s Wedlock or Deadlock premiere today. That’s working my nerves a bit as well.

But your girl is cool. I’ve got all of the scary stuff in my sights. Not going to let it run my day.

Hollering out to my crew! Your consistency and support means a lot.

I’m hungry. Guess where I’m headed? If I can clear my head I’ll holler later.

Take care.

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