Can't Get it Together

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I work hard at it.

I really do.

I try to pay attention. I try to work the rules. Good grief, I even have mom to go to. Duchess is burning on all cylinders these days. Personal problem solving is her stock in trade. And your girl is all over it.

But I am struggling. Nothing earth shattering . . . yet, just so hard.

“Keep coming.” Mom said. “There is no such thing as struggle free.”

I have such a wonderful life. Blessed to the point that it is almost embarrassing. So I hate to give voice to my distress.

“You can’t solve it all.” Mom again. “Do the best you can. And the rest is not your job.” Mom said, God said that last part. I am sure it’s not in the Bible, but I get her meaning.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent. Oblique, though it may have been. You guys are wonderful at providing support without asking for details.

Loving that and you.


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