I Got Lost

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I took 17 out of school yesterday to take him to a doctor’s appointment. I gave us plenty of time because I have a tendency to get turned around.

Well we drove around and around what I thought was the designated spot for an hour. Never found it.

The sad part is I had been there twice before. I called information to get the doctors phone number but I spelled it wrong and they didn’t have it listed.

When I got home I called the office and I must have sounded frazzled. The lady kept telling me it’s okay and we won’t charge you for the missed visit. Lynn Toler in Full Foolish Mode!!! You have no idea how often MMR 6 comes in handy for me. My ability to get lost is a running joke around here.

Otherwise I do believe all is well. Hit a few bumps in the road but Life is rarely a smooth street.

And, yes, I am still working on my April surprise. Again, keep you expectations low. No more songs with Chaka Kahn kind of thing but something fun nonetheless.

Thanks to all of you who chimed in to keep the conversation going yesterday.


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