Having Recovered my Equilibrium

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Well, I got it together.

Had a fabulous tennis lesson. I’ve “got my mind right”

I just tried to call Duchess but apparently she is out and about, That is always good. She is feeling well these days and I am grateful for that. It is not always a given anymore.

So we are considering – just considering – doing another Evening with Judge Lynn. It was fun in Birmingham but we didn’t have as good of a turn out as we would have liked. Maybe a bigger city? We’re thinking about it.

I am still working on updating my ipod. I asked folks on Facebook for suggestions. I have never heard of many of them (man, talk about feeling out of touch). Anyway, so far I’ve bought one Jennifer Hudson song. What are ya’ gonna do? Can’t seem to get with it.

Well, once I finish icing my knees I am of to. . . (yes, you guessed it) the grocery store. I have gone everyday this week. I would have failed Home Economics if they still taught it.

I also have to get new tennis shoes. Played right through these today.

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