Tune-in Wednesday night to catch the special "Divorce Court" themed "Dinner Impossible" episode on the Food Network

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TV’s Divorce Court is celebrating their 2000th episode and they’re
bringing in Chef Robert to divorce some tired food marriages and rematch
them into exciting new pairs. Judge Lynn Toler has dissolved the
partnership of 10 classic food combinations such as fish and chips,
cookies and milk, and liver and onions. From those 20 newly single
ingredients, Robert must reconfigure them to make 10 new matches. Robert
has 7 hours to impress 200 Fox executives, but first his menu must pass
muster with Judge Lynn. If she doesn’t like what she sees, Robert’s menu
could be thrown out of court.

Food Network

June 16


Additional air times: 1 AM June 17, 4 PM June 19

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