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Last night, I gave a high school commencement speech. I shared a lot of random advice and I made people laugh. I belong to the brevity and levity school of commencement speaking. I suffered through my high school and college ones. (I showed up late to the second) How many times do I have to […]

I Love You So Much I …

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Y To bloom.  To feel good about yourself.  To be in a healthy relationship in which you feel valued and cared for.  To be comfortable in your own skin.  To respect and honor both yourself and others.  To bloom. This is a word from a woman who’s seen things designed to help you get it […]

On Anxiety

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Anxiety is a car full of common concerns whose brakes have failed.          The chronically concerned. The worn-out worried. The unceasingly distressed. Millions of people suffer from anxiety and depression and I am one of them.  Like most members of Anxiety Society, I can take some small concern and turn it into a disaster. It doesn’t […]