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So far I am hearing confusing and too busy on the web page. What if I had that top middle blog that keeps changing still and had it the blog for THAT day? I was trying to put some of my better blogs on the left hand side for easy reading but I suppose we […]

All is Well on the Western Front

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Good reports from home so that’s nice to hear. I had been eating these huge breakfasts before taping because it is food someone else cooks. But realized I am half asleep for most of the morning. Today I went light and I feel much better. For a moment there I thought E had had a […]

Syracuse Revisited

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I received a small box of Syracuse the other day. I went to speak there in February (see previous blog Shook Up in Syracuse) Well, they gave me so many things while I was there they had to send me some in the mail. They sent it to the studio and I got it today. […]

Over my head

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I do believe I got in over my head last night. Hosted a three hour talk show in Southern LA. They wanted an impassioned ramble. I kept trying to make a point. I was stressed the whole time! They said I did better than I thought I did but, then agian, what else can they […]

The Joy Report

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People, I am going to have to give myself an A+ for yesterday. And I am not blowing smoke – you know I am not an easy grader . . . I had two opportunities to fall off of the joy wagon. One chance to get angry: Boomy went Boom. But I ducked the shrapnel, […]