The First Fight

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Got a question from someone who asked me how to deal with difficult in-laws. She said they are nice to her in front of her husband but when they are alone with her they try to pick fights and then tell her husband that she said things she didn’t say. If I ever write a […]

Getting a New Number

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I am getting a new number because my kids have my old one and they keep dialing it up. This is a homework thing. (You know, I didn’t mind school so much the first time I went through it but these second and thrid visits I’m making with sons V and VI are about to […]

And the Winner is . . .

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And the Winner is . . . ME. What did I win, you might ask. Well, I’d tell you if I knew. Though I’m not sure exactly what I’ve won I know who gave me the award. Apparently there is a committee of 13 year old boys somewhere that pass out parental titles. And the […]

Up Early

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Hello all, I got up early this morning (5:30) so I could meet my girlfriend for tennis. It was a bit windy (that is today’s excuse for not hitting well) but my serve was better than normal. That was cool. My friend is better than I am but she is very patient and supportive. Her […]

Man of the House

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I just had to share this. Whenever my husband leaves town or will be away from home for a while he tells my oldest son “Will, You’re next in line. While I’m gone you are the man of the house.” When he was young he thought it was cool. When I would ask him to […]