Murph Church

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I went to a gathering put together by Murph Community AME Church. It was a group discussing domestic violence, providing info and support. I was the keynote speaker. Spent some time writing my speech. Though I saw several hundred domestic violence cases every year when I was a judge in Cleveland, was on the board […]

What's Up

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In my case the answer is everything! Love being on the back side of a show. Everyday there is something new. Did a photo shoot for the new book I have coming out in September PUT IT IN WRITING. Now back to Wedlock or Deadlock. Thanks for all of the congrats and kudos. Just so […]

Memorial Night

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Can you imagine having Chaka Khan singing some lyrics you wrote? Now let’s not get it twisted. She wrote most of the song – but I had sent her my attempt at lyrics and she used the hook Do I I Do with You and (as she pointed out to me last night another) another […]

Love from the Airport

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At the airport going to work. Just wanted to stop and holler. Didn’t have time this morning. Played tennis and then had to do the best I could to get the family ready for my unexpected departure. Go Greener you always have something interesting to say. I want to blog on your comment : why […]

Runnin' and Workin'09

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Lots going on today with my new project. Hope to get the green light to tell you about it soon. May have to fly to LA tomorrow to handle some business unexpectedly. Tell you what, that got a cool reception at Casa Toler. Don’t know what else to do. It is so funny, if I […]