Good Morning

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Gotta go to tape tomorrow. Already sweating the aluminum tube. It’s been a bad aviation year. 17 is coming with me though. He olds my hand on takeoff. Thanks for asking about my tennis game 09. Played this morning but it was a huge class so mostly I just stood in line in the sun. […]

Six AM

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This is my favorite time of the day. If I get up at 6 it says I haven’t been worrying too much (because if I had been I would have gotten up at 4). It also means that I am awake and alone with a fresh brain. The furniture for The Room is arriving today. […]

Going For Broke

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I am a woman prone to extremes. Now that I have my picture up I’m going to take it all the way. Here’s a video of me on the morning news in Phoenix yesterday. You have to check this out though. Four years on TV and I still don’t know what camera to look at […]


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You can learn from just about anyone or anything. Experience, though an outstanding teacher, can also be an expensive one. If you have to learn all of your mistakes through trial and error it could get pricey. But if you can eavesdrop on the lessons experience is teaching others, you get it’s wisdom without the […]

Moving Up (Slowly)

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Welcome yet again. Yesterday I tried to post pictures but it appears I am not there yet. My oldest son is downstairs with his buddies where I usually work so I am on the floor in my bedroom. By the way The Room, is getting a well deserved butt whipping. I should have her fully […]