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I have switched over to my new website.  There is an extra step I am supposed to take while posting but I have forgotten what it is.  So if this doesn’t work out.  My Bad.

I like the site because it moves.  I like movement.  Took your suggestions about dating the blogs and returning “In the Media”  Still have to fully update the latter but we’re working on it.

You have to actually click on one of my paintings to see all my art work.  Once you get to Fliker after clicking on one go to ‘photostream’ and all of the ones fit to post (and maybe a few that aren’t) are there.

Ruthie, I don’t think we can transfer the old comments so we’ll just have to make new ones! My video tape is a little site tour.  (take a look at the shirt I am wearing – it’s one Vivian and her daughter helped me buy)

I am having fun with this.  Sometime this week (maybe today) Chuck is going to post a new “Back in the Day.”  This one would have been bitter sweet had I not looked so plain ridiculous in the last picture. I am not sure what Mom was thinking that day but she should have told me not to go out looking like that!  Usually she catches me before I make that kind of mistake.

My April surprise is delayed yet again.  I have been fooling around with this forever but finally found two women who knew what they were doing and could help me. I am such a control freak I always think I should do it all myself.  I need to take a Rule out of my own book and “Know when to holler for help”  It was more involved than I thought.  These ladies have been down this particular road before and are very detail oriented (unlike me).  So it looks like my April Surprise is my May surprise.  But it might actually happen now.

My next few weeks will be very busy.  I’ll be in and out of town a lot.

The other day I caught Boomy with four dozen eggs in his room.  He and his buddies had bought them at the store.  I confiscated them because I thought they were going to egg somebody’s house.  The kids still do that out here – along with TPing houses and dinging and dashing. I thought that went away years ago.  Old school mischief.  Gotta tell you, though it’s annoying, it is refreshingly childlike.

Anyway, he comes home with his buddies and asks where his eggs are.

E said “you can’t go out egging people’s houses.”

Boomy says “we’re not egging houses we are having an “Iron Chef Cook Off”

And you now what?  They did.  Nobody won apparently because everybody’s dishes were bad.

Anyway that’s the mundane rundown from Casa Toler.  Hope your Monday goes well.  Gotta do something I have been dreading.  I am such a whimp.  But I will be glad to have done with it.  I spend more time worrying about stuff that doing the stuff I worry about.  What a waste of time.

Happy Monday all!

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