Duchess Fussed at Me

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Duchess (and for those of you who are new here- she is my mother) fussed at me for ten minutes yesterday. I felt like I was twelve.

I think she is trying to get all of her commentary out in the event of death.  She is very cognizant of her age.  She wants to make sure I hear it all.
Gotta love my mother.  I have NO COMPLAINTS about her complaints.  She is the best thing in the world for me! And I appreciate her brilliance. That having been said here’s the latest report from the resident aristocracy:

She wants me to make more friends and “stop sitting in that room painting all by yourself.”

I told her of my efforts to forge new friendships – namely V.  The thing I like about V. is that we have a lot of the same sensibilities.  That, however, is also a problem.  We are both homebodies.  It is like the blind leading the blind on the social scene.  But we’re working on it . . .

-Mom also complained that I spend way too much time worrying.

I had no come back for that one.  It’s just true.  “Things are what they are,” she said, “have a little faith.  You can’t pick at the little nonsense in this world and expect to be happy.  You can’t solve it all.  Do the best you can and let God handle the rest.”  Mom has gotten a lot more spiritual of late as well.

Since I am already working on the first one with V. (no pressure, by the way, V.)  I am making the second one my PIP for the foreseeable future.  (again if you are new here a PIP is a Personal Improvement Project – I pick stuff to improve on from time to time and see how far I can get with it.) I am going to work to “Let it be.”

1-   3 minutes in the morning – every morning – I will center myself.  I will ask for – nothing specific – but for peace and the ability to live and enjoy this wonderful life I have.  To do the best by the people I love and to let the rest be.  I will ask for the strength to be THANKFUL about what I have and less FEARFUL about what MIGHT happen.

2- Every time I start wondering ‘what if’ I will remind myself of the last thing that I was dreading that turned out to be nothing at all.  Then I will Give it Voice (MMR 10 A).  I will say, out loud “how much time are you going to waste today with worry?”

3- I will set up a reward system.  For every fear I manage not to entertain I get a Double Stuffed Oreo Cookie!  I have to figure out how many are in the small box of them they sell at Walgreens and when I hit that magic number Bam.  I am on it.  (because you know I eat the whole thing right?  Never stop until they are gone.)  Walgreens has these one sleeve boxes, though, that have about 15 in them as opposed to the nonsense I get into with the entire package.

4- If I do end up worrying then I have to do 25 push ups. That way even if I fail to have a calmer head I will still have better arms.  I am still working on my guns!!!

So there it is for what it’s worth.  I will report back, honestly and without sugar coating.  I am accountable.
Have a Happy Tuesday.

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