PIP Progress Report

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I am fairing well on my PIP for the time being.I have stayed fairly well centered and have been really watching the worry thing.  I have hit the treadmill twice, out running a couple of worry attacks.  One caught me but  I got out ahead of the second one and kept going.

By the way, Duchess dropped another gem on me yesterday:  ‘If you are waiting for everything to be all good before you feel good – you never will.’  She is on my case.  Lovin’ it!

V. and I are pitiful.  We are so okay with at home we can’t get together.  Taylor, where are you?  Help us!!!!!!!!

A lot of my friends from high school are reconnecting on Facebook.  It is interesting.  I went to an all girls high school.  There were 47 of us in my graduating class.  So everybody really knew everybody and it is fun catching up.  They asked me to put something in the school newsletter to update every one on what I am doing.  They have been asking for the last 33 years (ouch – typing that hurt) and I have never complied.  Typically when I move on, I move on.

But I complied this time and was alarmed to find how briefly I was ably to sum up the last 33 years.  Thought I share it with you too:

Here it is.  In a nutshell, married 21 years, two sons, 4 steps sons, 7 grandkids from the step sons, have hosted 3 television shows (two now defunct).  Executive produced one TV show (defunct as well).  Co wrote a song with Chaka Kahn for the show I EP’d.  That was fun.

I have written two books.  My Mother’s Rules and Put it in Writing. My show, Divorce Court, can be a silly one but I only work 20 days a year so I am cool with it.  I was a real judge for 8 years in Cleveland Heights before I made the leap to the dark side.  I do a fair number of speaking engagements around the country.  Hate to travel but if they offer me enough, I go.

Current pastimes: painting (poorly), blogging (regularly), tennis (never enough) and then there are the boys.  Will, the oldest, is on his way to college.  Xavier, 14, will be on his way to Siberia if he doesn’t straighten up.

Other than that nothing much has changed.  I am still cheap and a homebody.  Sent some pictures.


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