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What are you going to do with THIS GIfT?

As of last week I decided that I was going to ask myself that question everyday.

Today is a singularity. It is something you can’t get back once it’s gone. Another day will come but not this one. Today expires in less than 24 hours from now.

I have a wonderful life. I have been blessed with so many gifts it still stuns me when I think about it.

But like any human being I do the wrong thing on the regular!

Lost among those many gifts, today sometimes fails to get enough attention. When I fail to give today is due, I tend to fill it with worry about small things, annoyance over dumb stuff and sloth (bad boy laziness).

Like anyone else I have had struggles. I grew up in a house of chaos that, for years, drove my emotional bus. Everyone has unpublished problems. I am not immune. But I also know I am extraordinarily blessed.

I know what goes on in this world. I see the specific pains you share with me here. There are so many of you who have a mighty fight everyday just to stay afloat. Some of you have been born into circumstances so difficult your daily survival is a small miracle.

When you fight that hard sometimes it’s almost impossible to see today as a gift.


It’s another struggle,

Just that much more trouble,

Unrelenting stress.


But you got up to fight another day. You have another opportunity to find a way. Just take five minutes of it to find some joy or peace so you don’t miss the opportunity. Pat yourself on the back for getting up and getting on with it. If something good happens take a second and acknowledge that.


Taste it.

Embrace it.

Something you caress.


Here’s hoping that your struggles unfinished,


Your joys, though few,

Sustain you.

I wish you a WONDERFUL TODAY … or at least one that is better than yesterday…