She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

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Hello all,

I was doing a video for Divorce Court about recognizing your own faults and weaknesses so you can work on  them before they work on you. As I always say:

Name it and Claim it so you can Tame it.

In the second half of the video I was going to give everyone an example of how it’s done by reading the part of my book, My Mother’s Rules, in which I named and claimed all my oddities.

Turns out that woman doesn’t live here anymore.

To be sure I still have a multitude of flaws, faults and oddities but they are different now. I am different now. I was pleased to see it.

You can be true to yourself without being glued to yourself. 

So which chick left and who’s in her place?

1. The woman who could work any worry into a catastrophe, while not gone, rarely gets a hearing anymore. She’s still there to be sure but when I see her I can give the hand, “Bye, Felicia!”

2. The Whiz Past Woman has left the building. There was a time I was moving so fast and casting such a wide net I couldn’t catch any details. Though I can still go as fast and I can still cast a wide net, I can pick and choose when to do it. Though I will never be ultra precise, details now have a hope of a hearing at the crib.

3. The little girl whose peace was in pieces all the time has simply grown out of it. Took her 50 years but she’s gone. I can find peace On the Regular. Not On the Always but On the Regular …

All Positive Change is Welcomed. I feel good.