A Good Night

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This is me an my, I got you, don’t worry about it, girl, you know what I mean, running buddy, Desi!

We were at the Creative Emmy’s last night. Third nomination …. still no hardware.  But it was a good night.

I got to see my glam squad, Val and Rick aka Genius and Genius Incorporated. The tricked us both out and we always have fun laughing and talking. It was Rick’s birthday started celebrating while we were getting ready.

Don’t get me wrong the ceremony was looooooooooong. They didn’t get to our category until 11:30 pm and I’m a woman looking to go to be at 9:30. I thought they were going to have to feed me coffee intravenously.

Anyway, I got to meet Marilyn Milan from People’s Court. After all these years in the biz we had never crossed paths.  She is extraordinarily nice. She won too. I hugged her. She was so sweet.

Then there was an after party and I went. Everybody had stayed there for so long. All the producers. They are the backbone of the show. Love them all.

So all in all it was a good night. Not going to lie, I am a little woozy this am but I’m hanging.

You guys have a good one.