A could of answers

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Hello everyone,

I’ve gotten a couple of questions from some of you about me that I’d thought I’d answer en masse.

1. Someone asked me to take an honest look at myself to determine whether I favor men in my court. I thought about it and will continue to. Interestingly, more often I get men telling me I am a feminist who always sides with women. In general, I think people tend to understand their own so much better than they understand others it is natural to side with them more because what they say to instinctually  makes sense.

I try very hard to think on both sides of the fence when I am on the bench. With both sides seeing bias on the other I think I’m probably close. lol! That said, I never stop reviewing and adjusting.

2. Someone asked if the things that I see on the bench every help me in my marriage. And the answer is absolutely! But then again I think everything I do and see everywhere helps me. You just keep learning all along. I wrote about my marriage a fair amount in Making Marriage Work, if you’re really interested. Too much to repeat here, but definitely I’ve learned along the way.

3. Last, but not least, someone else asked if my job ever interferes with my marriage and is it hard to balance both. The answer to that one is no. There isn’t much to balance. I tape only a couple months out of the year and then only a few days each month. So we’re chillin’ together most of the time.  I tell you what was hard though. when I was an attorney working 70 hours a week and we had the 4 older boys and I had a new baby. Talk about balancing. I was half a lunatic most days….

So there ya go …

Hope you guys have a great day!