For Chas S. Happier Love Tweets

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This is for Chas S. She wants me to tweet about relationships more … ones that are happy. And I thought about it for a while. Then I reviewed my tweets and thought my goodness, she’s right. I do sound like a bit of a scrooge LOL!

So … I tried to find something to say that wasn’t old or corny and that I truly liked. I tried to say something of value and well, it sounded forced. Then I began to think why I was having such trouble: A. What can I say about LOVE that hasn’t been said far more often and by far smarter people than me? Quotes on love and the happiness it brings abound. B. Everybody idles at their own speed. You can always tell when one’s thoughts (or tweets) aren’t in character. C. I talk about what I see. I gather thoughts and themes based on the streams of information I get. Divorce Court … ya know?

I think I know what Chas is looking for (I could be wrong) but I believe she’d like to hear hope and a positive take on a lasting and meaningful love. Here’s the thing:

  1. I am who I am. (for better or worse) and I think the way I think. I have never been a romantic person. I’ve been called a romantic curmudgeon and I suppose you could look at me that way. I might not be much in the romance department but I’m great in a crisis.
  2.  I suppose I could quote others on love. I quote others about a lot of things but those quotes are everywhere. People tweet what interests them.
  3. I think my quotes about relationships, though not warm and fuzzy, are in support of love. I’ve been married 27 years, most of them happy. (everybody goes through things) We all know how good it feels but what you have to know is how to make it last. I like to pass those thoughts along for instance …

“Never hook up w/someone who is weak in the same places u r. Diversify ur dysfunction. Give the ‪#relationship a chance.”


I think that’s helpful. My mom and I were discussing why our marriages lasted and this was one of the reasons. Both parties brought something to the table the other didn’t have.

Then again, everyone says communication is the key. I like to tweet about ways to get that done.

‪#feel#THINK #act … in that order and with that emphasis.”


“Talks rarely end better than they start out

Hard 2 get 2 a rational resolution when u come at folk w/all kinds ‪#crazy.

Stay calm. Get heard.”

I have found, however, that most of my tweets are about controlling your own emotional state which is an all consuming personal pursuit of mine. I also like to laugh, mostly at myself.

“Always trying 2 b on some ‪#positive stuff. ‪#Negativity

shows uninvited enuff. No need 2 hunt it down or pull it in”


“Every time I walk by a mirror my body says “Oooh, girl, you need to do a sit up or something…” ‪#LazyLazyGirl


And yes, I do issue warnings and the like. But people ask me about getting hurt or picking the wrong guy. I like to note the pitfalls when I see them.


“Loved u yesterday, love u 2day. Tomorrow’s on u. Love is a 2 way street ‪#relationships: I give u my all. ‪#Reciprocation‘s nonnegotiable.”


So there it is, Chas. I tried but it turns out I’m not that girl. The great thing is twitter is full of people who think about all kinds of things in very different ways. I bet there are a lot of people out there that Tweet those kinds of things. That’s the beauty of diversity in thought and personality. I love knowing and dealing with different people and enjoy their perspective for what it is. That said … lol, your tweet gave me pause and an opportunity to look at myself through others eyes. I’m always looking to upgrade.