Virtually Ignored

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I am engaged in a virtual battle

with women I never see.

Enticed, Seduced



I saw that Share.

They’re everywhere

In multi-platform pursuit.

Contact, painless.

Conduct, shameless

A snap, a click,

And now some chick

has shown you all of her.

Unrequested. Yes.

But you keep it.

So tell me, where’s the line?

How can I defend a border

No one can define?


From inconsistent to

Intermittent …

then to not at all

You flickered, then faded.

Now you’ve made it

Your business to be

Anywhere but here.

Love … babies,

Tomorrows … maybes

Just what I wanted to hear

Love … Babies

Tomorrow, No maybes

Anything to keep you near.

I handled my business

Or so I thought

You took my love

… And the things I bought.

Caught, an onslaught

The Thots,


A dabble here

A message there

It was, you said, just fun.

People out there do that.

But then there was that one.

Caught up in the winds of your wants

Carried off by the parts she flaunts

This woman who once blew by blew in

Now I’m on my own again

Love … babies

Tomorrow … maybes, Me?

One of many verses, I found

Love … babies

Tomorrow … maybes

You sang that chorus all over town.




I would like to just let it go.

You know,

Walk off and call it a day.

But we have so many in common,

I’m electronically haunted

Moving on is

A luxury I haven’t got.

I see you, hear you, know who you talk to

Whether I want to or not.

Your trail consumes me.

It’s hard to resume me.

I await every installment

Without involvement

Imagination, untethered.

I weather

A storm of disregard.

I never knew the wind could blow

So bitter and so hard.


With one click I work the hurt.

Stuck in a mire of maybe.

A friend of a friend

on Instagram

says she is having your baby.


There are so many ways you don’t reach for me.

I am

Ignored, defeated.

Not shared.


So I watch the show, you know

That episodic, with the sorrowed theme song

Staring you and whoever’s new

Entitled “I’ve moved on.”



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