My Mo-ments

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img_3057-3It took me 40 years to learn how to really enjoy people.  I am predisposed to panic and am often immersed in irrational worry.  When fear drives you like that New is typically a problem. And I mean anything: places, situations, expectations and, for me, people, in particular. They’re the most unpredictable and dangerous kind of New I usually run into. Solitude beckons me every moment of the day.


Happily, I have worked my way out of the depths of that kind of dysfunction. Though by no means a devil may care adventurer, I am now at least a lean-in and get through it, active participant in life. I can now step off my fear and enjoy the depth and breadth of most people that I meet.


So now to Mo.  Monique is my fashion guru, a woman 25 years my junior who has it so together, I just watch what she does and try to recreate, in some small way, all of the things she does so well.


Mo is a woman who lights up a room with her positive attitude, while taking no crap – at all. She’ll tolerate a little nonsense but she has defined limits and she can shut down all manner of ridiculousness with a few cool, uncluttered phrases uttered without attitude or anger at all. 


Her fashion sense is inimitable so I don’t try with that at all. I just let her guide me slowly as she tries to rock me out of my old, staid, don’t care about clothes attitude one outfit at a time.


Breezy, but incredibly structured, she is a model of efficiency. I could do with two good helpings of both ease and organization, but I haven’t adopted any pieces of those yet because they’re so very far away from who I am. That said, I’m watching her like a hawk, looking for some small thing I can pull off now, then working my way towards the rest over time.


Since meeting her I’ve had many “Mo-ments,” times when I just sit back, appreciate who she is and try to adopt a little of what she’s got going on. I like people who sparkle.  I just wanted to let her know.





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