What 20 is For

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“You’re 20!

If I had 20 back oh, what a mess I’d make.

20 is for you. 20 is for growth. 20 is for the pursuit of a tomorrow that is better than today. 20 is for options. 20 is for passion and knowledge and enjoyment.

It is not for continuous compromise. It is not a time to say this is the guy that I gotta make it with, because this is the guy that I have. And no matter what compromises, no matter what I don’t like, no matter what he does, I have to put up with it, because he’s my man.

20 is for firing dudes when they don’t act right.

20 is for figuring out what you like in certain men. 20 is for finding what kind of men are out there and which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to discard.

It’s not for picking up other people’s clothes, it’s not for sticking it out when you’re not enjoying it anymore. 20 is opportunity to move onward, upward, forward. Get a large life so that even if a dude doesn’t end up in it, you still enjoy it.

20 is for creating all of that potential, not just compromising your way into the corner of a closet somewhere, wondering what the heck happened? You don’t have any children, you’re beautiful. You’re working, working at a gas station. Nothing wrong with it. But at your time off, don’t be looking to spend time with him. Go look to spend time with some books and your brain, to get a new degree. So that you could put the gas station in your rear view mirror as you step forward into some other kind of existence, that won’t include him!”