Me By the Numbers

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Me By the Numbers

Judge Lynn Toler

Age: 56

Height: 5’1”

Weight: 5 pounds more than I’d like. 10 pounds more than my mother would like.

Kids: 6 (4 that came pre-assembled; 2 BigE and I made from scratch)

Years on Divorce Court: 9

Years on the bench before Divorce Court: 8

Years Married: 27

Years Happily Married: less than 27 more than 15: (not bad I’d say)

Number of Siblings: 1

Number of Siblings that I am taller than: 1

Shoe size: 5

Shoe Count: indeterminate and growing.

Twitter Followers: 27,000

Facebook Fans: 400,000+

Instagram Followers: 1500

Books Published: 3

Unfinished books looming on my hard drive: 5

Hours a day I say I’m going to write but don’t: 3

Average time spent in the grocery store: 15 minutes

Visits to grocery store each week: 6 (I think we all can see the problem here)

Minutes I can talk on the phone before I get cranky: 7

Days a week I play tennis: 0 (I hurt myself and I’m mad about it.)

Days a week I would like to play tennis: 7

Jobs I have: More than 3 less than 10 (Frankly, I’m unsure)

Number of things I am grateful for: Too many to count.