Ella Escapes Her Ersatz E-Life … Love in the Shadows of Social Media

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Virtually Ignored                                        by Lynn Toler                      I. I am engaged in a virtual battle with women I never see. Enticed. Seduced. Snap-chatted. Induced. An invisible army declared […]

What Lies Beneath: Abuse, Harassment and Horror

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I know these things seem unrelated but I don’t believe they are. They, too, feel like intractable problems but I don’t believe that either. •A man climbs into his car with his estranged wife and their children and drives them all into a lake. •An eight-year-old boy is found hanging in his closet after being […]

Losing Nineteen

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LOSING NINETEEN BY JUDGE LYNN C. TOLER  I lost Nineteen again today.  Abandoning himself to that wasteland we offhandedly call ‘the system’, he just walked away – casually  – like it was no big deal.  Some claim I shouldn’t say I lost him, though, considering what I do.  While I am a Black woman, I […]

My Mo-ments

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It took me 40 years to learn how to really enjoy people.  I am predisposed to panic and am often immersed in irrational worry.  When fear drives you like that New is typically a problem. And I mean anything: places, situations, expectations and, for me, people, in particular. They’re the most unpredictable and dangerous kind […]

You, That Dude and Your Self-Esteem

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I got a question from a woman hurt by the fact that her man (of 4 years) left her for another woman and married her within a year. She’s having a hard time coping with the fact that he moved on so quickly and is now so happy. To Ms. B who wrote that she […]