What Lies Beneath: Abuse, Harassment and Horror

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I know these things seem unrelated but I don’t believe they are. They, too, feel like intractable problems but I don’t believe that either. •A man climbs into his car with his estranged wife and their children and drives them all into a lake. •An eight-year-old boy is found hanging in his closet after being […]

Losing Nineteen

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LOSING NINETEEN BY JUDGE LYNN C. TOLER  I lost Nineteen again today.  Abandoning himself to that wasteland we offhandedly call ‘the system’, he just walked away – casually  – like it was no big deal.  Some claim I shouldn’t say I lost him, though, considering what I do.  While I am a Black woman, I […]

My Mo-ments

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It took me 40 years to learn how to really enjoy people.  I am predisposed to panic and am often immersed in irrational worry.  When fear drives you like that New is typically a problem. And I mean anything: places, situations, expectations and, for me, people, in particular. They’re the most unpredictable and dangerous kind […]

You, That Dude and Your Self-Esteem

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I got a question from a woman hurt by the fact that her man (of 4 years) left her for another woman and married her within a year. She’s having a hard time coping with the fact that he moved on so quickly and is now so happy. To Ms. B who wrote that she […]

Paradise Remembered

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Paradise Remembered   On the east side of Columbus, Ohio, just south of James Road, there are three small streets accessible only from Livingston Avenue. Each street has four to eight houses. They are nice homes, larger than the majority of houses in the surrounding area. This, in and of itself, is not remarkable. Who […]